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Silver Ash Timber / Tree

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Nestled within the verdant rainforests of Queensland, Australia, the Silver Ash tree (Flindersia schottiana) emerges as a unique and valuable timber species. Celebrated in both the furniture and boat-building industries, Silver Ash is distinguished by its light-coloured sapwood, ranging from white to pinkish-white, and its finely-grained texture. This tree is not just a source of timber; it is a testament to sustainable forestry and skilled craftsmanship.

A Little Bit of History

The history of Silver Ash is intertwined with Australia's cultural and industrial development. Traditionally used in the manufacture of barrels, cricket stumps, billiard cues, and tool handles, Silver Ash has played a pivotal role in various sectors. Its historical significance is marked by its versatility and adaptability, making it a cherished component of Australia's natural heritage.

Who Controls the Stocks?

The stewardship of Silver Ash falls under the domain of Queensland's forestry departments and conservation agencies. These organizations are tasked with the sustainable management of Silver Ash, ensuring a balance between its commercial use and ecological preservation. Their efforts in regulated harvesting and reforestation exemplify a commitment to maintaining this species for future generations.

Is it Sustainable?

Sustainability is at the core of Silver Ash's story. In line with sustainable practices, most of the Silver Ash timber used by our woodworkers at Australian Woodwork comes from recycled or salvaged sources. This approach not only preserves the natural stocks of Silver Ash but also aligns with our ethos of environmental stewardship. The plantation growth and controlled harvesting of Silver Ash in over 50-year-old North Queensland plantations further underscore its sustainability, making it an eco-friendly choice for various applications.

Current Uses of Silver Ash

Silver Ash, renowned for its fine timber, is extensively used in various industries, particularly in furniture making and boat building, where its aesthetic appeal and durability are highly valued. Known for its light colour and fine grain, Silver Ash is also popular in high-quality cabinet making, and its ease of working makes it a preferred choice for detailed joinery work.

At Australian Woodwork, Silver Ash is employed in a more specialized and artistic way. We feature it prominently on the clock face of our Jarrah and Ash wall clocks, where its light colour provides a clear and contemporary contrast to the darker Jarrah frame. This use of Silver Ash accentuates the modern design of the clock, with its matt-black hands and fine lines cut into the Silver Ash face, creating a look that is both clean and contemporary, yet warm and inviting. Additionally, Silver Ash is used for creating contrast highlights on our walking sticks and the Tubb cheeseboard. In some of our marquetry work, Silver Ash adds a unique touch, contributing to the intricate and artistic appeal of these pieces. While our range of Silver Ash products at Australian Woodwork is selectively curated, each item is a testament to the wood's beauty and our commitment to quality craftsmanship.


Silver Ash, with its storied past and sustainable future, stands as a beacon of Australian forestry and craftsmanship. It represents the confluence of historical significance, ecological responsibility, and artistic creativity. As we continue to use Silver Ash, we not only utilize a valuable resource but also contribute to a legacy of sustainability and cultural richness in woodworking.

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