Season's Greetings!


Firstly, Season's Greetings to all from Australian Woodwork! If you are thinking of buying presents for Christmas here is some helpful information that will allow you to shop without worry or stress, specially if you are somewhat of a last minute shopper or perhaps just short of time because at this time of year there is so much going on.

Free Gift Wrapping

Photo of Wrapped GiftThe free gift wrapping is now under way so that is one thing less to contend with, and if we may make this modest claim, we are pretty good at it these days. Your pressie will look gorgeous!

Delivery Schedule (so your presents arrive in time!)

Free Australia PostThe next really important question that everyone needs to know is when is the cut off day for Christmas Eve delivery in your part of the world. You will need to have your purchase sent by the following dates in order for them to arrive by December 24th, but frankly, though these are the official Australia Post guides, I would add an extra day just to be sure.

NSW: Order by Dec 20th. OR Dec 22nd. + $5 for Express Post.

VIC: Order by Dec 19th. OR Dec 21st. + $5 for Express Post.

QLD: Order by Dec 19th. OR Dec 21st. + $5 for Express Post.

TAS: Order by Dec 17th. OR Dec 21st.   + $8 for Express Post.

SA: Order by Dec 18th. OR Dec 21st. + $7 for Express Post.

WA: Order by Dec 17th. OR Dec 20th. + $8 for Express Post.

NT: Order by Dec 16th. OR Dec 20th.  + $8 for Express Post.

Any questions or want some additional details? Give us a call on (+61) 2 4990 4994

To summarise, our advice is (you guessed it) ORDER SOON! But if you can't, or like a little frisson in your life, the above timetable should deliver.

Merry Christmas !

Australian Woodwork

DISCLAIMER - As mentioned, these are the official Australia Post guides but they only apply to main metropolitan areas such as greater Melbourne, greater Brisbane etc. If parcels are going to regional destinations they MAY take longer but Australia Post refuses to be nailed down on this one with the  implicit message being because regional areas are serviced by contractors, they are out of Australia Post's control. Our advice, based on experience is that the national postal service is pretty good and parcels generally get there on time. It is however CHRISTMAS and the sheer volume of freight means that sometimes things go off the rails.

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