The Best Australian Gifts to Take Overseas (2023): 11 Handcrafted Treasures

The Best Australian Gifts to Take Overseas (2023)


Travelling overseas often comes with the joy and sometimes the necessity of carrying a piece of home to share with others. Whether it's a token for a host, a present for a colleague, or a surprise for a loved one, the gifts you choose carry a piece of the Australian spirit with them. However, the dilemma of choosing the right offerings that are both distinctive and represent the heart of Australia can be quite daunting.

Fear not, Australian Woodwork comes to your rescue as the one-stop solution for all your Australian gift needs. Specializing in artisan-made, eco-friendly, and uniquely Australian items, it promises not just a gift, but a story, a work of art, and a slice of the Australian heritage wrapped in one.

Why Choose Australian Woodwork

Unique and Handcrafted Products

In a world where mass production is the norm, Australian Woodwork stands tall with its range of handcrafted products. Each item carries the vibe and the tradition of Australia in its craftsmanship.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Materials

By opting for Australian Woodwork, you are making a responsible choice. The products are crafted from sustainable materials, including ancient redgum wood, promising not just quality but also eco-friendliness.

Practicality and Ease of Transport

As you prepare to travel, it is essential to consider the practicality of the gifts you choose. Australian Woodwork ensures that your selections are not just meaningful but also convenient to carry. The products are designed with the traveller's convenience in mind, being lightweight and easy to fit in your luggage. From the Australian Animal Puzzle weighing just 100 grams to the compact and light banksia nut tea light candle holders, you have a range of options that promise ease of transport without compromising on the quality and essence of the gifts.

Gift Presentation

Beyond the beauty and craftsmanship of the products, Australian Woodwork takes great pride in the presentation of each item. Every product comes well-packaged, safeguarding them from any damage during transit. Moreover, a well-boxed item elevates the gifting experience, reflecting the giver's thoughtfulness and promising a delightful unboxing experience for the recipient.

Products that Tell a Story

Every product from Australian Woodwork is a conversation starter, promising to leave a lasting impression on the receiver.

Top 11 Australian Gifts to Take Overseas

Embark on a journey through the finest selection of Australian gifts that encapsulate the spirit and beauty of Australia. Each product is a testimony to the rich heritage and craftsmanship that Australian Woodwork stands for.

1. Banksia Nut Tea Lite Candle Holder: A Beacon of Australian Warmth

Banksia Nut Tea Lite Candle Holder

Illuminate any space with this beautiful centrepiece that brings the warmth and spirit of Australia into any home. Its intricate design and natural patterns derived from Banksia nut make it a unique and heartwarming gift choice.

2. Boxed Pair of Banksia Nut Tea Light Candle Holders: Double the Glow

Boxed Pair of Banksia Nut Tea Light Candle Holders

Gift a pair of these exquisite candle holders to light up someone's life with the natural beauty of Australian craftsmanship. Each piece carries a piece of the Australian spirit, promising to add a glow to any setting.

3. Banksia Ball Tea Light Candle Holders: A Sphere of Elegance 

Banksia Ball Tea Light Candle Holders

These spherical candle holders are a conversation starter, promising to add a touch of elegance to any decor.

4. Australian Animal Coasters: Iconic Fauna in Stunning Detail 

Australian Animal Coasters

Bring a touch of Australia to every sip with this set of coasters that feature iconic Australian animals in stunning detail. They add a distinctive touch to any gathering.

5. Aussie Animals Trivet: A Fusion of Art and Utility 

Aussie Animals Trivet

This trivet stands as a testament to the beauty of Australian wildlife, merging art with utility. It is a practical yet artistic gift, perfect for anyone who appreciates the intricate designs inspired by Aussie animals.

6. Gum Leaf Cut Out Pot Stand: A Touch of Australian Outdoors 

Gum Leaf Cut-Out Pot Stand

Add a touch of the Australian outdoors to your home with this pot stand, featuring a beautiful gum leaf cut-out. It is a unique way to bring a natural and refreshing vibe to any space.

7. Australian Wildflower Coasters: A Blossom of Craftsmanship 

Australian Wildflower Coasters

Celebrate the vibrant flora of Australia with these wildflower coasters. Each coaster showcases a different wildflower, bringing a burst of nature's colours to your living space.

8. Australian Wildlife Tree: A Sculpture of Nature's Best 

Australian Wildlife Tree

This wildlife tree stands tall as a representation of Australia's rich biodiversity. It serves as a daily reminder of Australia's beautiful wildlife, making it a perfect centrepiece for any home.

9. Australian Animal Puzzle: Fun Meets Learning 

Australian Animal Puzzle

Bring joy to the little ones with this educational puzzle. It is designed to provide fun while fostering a love and understanding of Australia's unique fauna.

10. Australian Outback Landscape: A Panorama of Beauty 

Australian Outback Landscape

Gift a panorama of the stunning Australian outback with this intricately designed landscape. It offers a picturesque view that can adorn walls and tables, bringing a piece of the tranquil Australian landscapes into homes.

11. Sydneyscape: The Iconic Skyline in Wood 


Celebrate the iconic Sydney skyline with this detailed representation. It brings the vibrant and dynamic essence of Sydney into any space, serving as a constant reminder of the beautiful city's architectural marvels.


As we traverse through the rich tapestry of Australian culture and heritage, it becomes evident that Australian Woodwork is not just a store, but a haven of handcrafted treasures. Each product embodies the essence and the tradition of the land down under.

From the warmth of the Banksia nut candle holders to the vibrant depiction of the Australian fauna and flora, every product carries a piece of Australia with it. These products are a bridge connecting you to the rich tapestry of Australian culture, a way to carry a piece of home with you wherever you go.

Australian Gifts: More Than Just a Gesture

When you choose a gift from Australian Woodwork, you are choosing a piece of art, a story, and a slice of the Australian character. These gifts are conversation starters, promising to leave a lasting impression on the receiver, be it through their unique designs or the sustainable materials they are crafted from.

So, as you ponder on the perfect Australian gifts to take overseas in 2023, remember that Australian Woodwork offers a range of quality handmade products that suit everyone, standing as a testimony to the craftsmanship that is uniquely Australian.

Ready to find that perfect gift that speaks volumes? We invite you to explore the wide range of Australian-made gifts available at Australian Woodwork. Discover handcrafted treasures that are more than just gifts; they are a gesture of love, a token of appreciation, and a bridge to the rich Australian culture and heritage.

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