A Touch of Wood


When it comes to home decor the prevailing look is unquestionably ultra modern, featuring materials such as chrome, glass, ceasar-stone, stainless steel and slate. These are usually teamed with a colour palette for walls and soft furnishings of grey, white and beige, the whole combination producing a clean, uncluttered and peaceful atmosphere which when well done is visually harmonious. The only trouble is that these interiors which rely heavily on man made materials can look somewhat sterile and cold - all those hard surfaces and cool tones adding up to something that is uninviting with a "don't touch me" undertone and this is where a touch of wood can come in and work miracles with an interior.

Just one or two pieces of beautiful, natural wood introduced into a room can soften, warm and relax a space. Wood, as a natural material, is literally warm - it is never as cold to touch as steel or glass - and has an inherent tactile quality that just asks you to reach out with your fingertips and feel it and, of course, wood is the perfect thing to add some warm hues to a muted, cool colour scheme. This is where Australian native timbers really come into their own with their wonderfully rich red tones as seen in Redgum, Jarrah, Sheoak, Ironbark, Bluegum and Cedar to name but a few.

Adding a touch of timber can be as simple as a collection of wooden utensils on your kitchen bench or a beautiful wooden chopping board. The dining table could feature a wooden fruit bowl or statement pepper mill and the living area might have one or two wooden lamps softly glowing in the corners of the room. A turned wooden vase can be a feature on a shelf or bookcase while a wooden frame or two could enliven a dresser. Just a few accents of natural timber is all you need to make a room warm and welcoming without compromising a modern decor or slipping into the country cottage look.

Wood is a wonderful material which ages gracefully, acquiring a deep patina with the passing years and never losing its inner life,  qualities that man made materials generally lack. Every home needs a touch of wood.

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