Red Hardwood Kitchen Spoon - Red Hardwood
This classic wooden spoon is made from virtually indestructible Australian Hardwood, either Red Ironbark or RedGum, depending on availability, and both immensely durable and attractive. Wooden utensils have the advantage of being safe to use with non-stick cookware and being...
Red Hardwood Shovall (Left or Right Handed)
Designed for specifically getting into the corners of the saucepan and for scraping and flipping, the Shovall comes with a left or right-handed version. The durable Red Hardwood, either Red Gum or Ironbark depending on availability, is virtually indestructible and...
Red Hardwood Long Wooden Tongs - Red Hardwood
These tongs along with the shorter version are one of our all-time best selling items because they are both useful and attractive. Resting among a bowl of salad greens the deep red tones of the wood make a pleasing contrast...
Red Hardwood Kitchen Tongs - Red Ironbark
The tongs are made from durable Ironbark and stainless steel. They make excellent vegetable or salad servers and are perfect for use with non-stick cookware. Care instructions for maintaining their appearance are provided. MEASUREMENTS Dimensions*: Length 22cm Weight*: 0.11kg *Note:...
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Red Hardwood Egg Flip - Red Hardwood
The Red Hardwood Egg Flip is a wooden version of an egg flip, designed for use in non-stick frypans where metal would damage the surface. The chamfered edge makes it easy to slide under a frying egg or pancake and...
Red Hardwood Spurtle - Red Hardwood
Originally a Scottish utensil for stirring thick porridge, the new version here has been revamped with a chamfered edge for getting right into the corners of a pot and with a centre hole to aid stirring thick substances like polenta....
Red Hardwood Rice Spoon - Red Hardwood
Made from either Redgum or Ironbark, depending upon availability, these Hardwood Rice Spoons are the perfect utensil for serving rice or any food that is heavy and sticky such as potato salad or pasta salad. Shorter and thicker than most...
Red Hardwood Shaped Stirrer - Red Hardwood
Made from durable Red Hardwood, either Ironbark or Red Gum depending on availability, this Shaped Stirrer is a very useful implement that can stir, scrape and even flip. It is an all-purpose utensil that is just the right size for...
Red Hardwood Wok Stirrer - Red Hardwood
Originally a special commission for a group of Asian mix restaurants, the Wok Stirrer has become a permanent inclusion in the Red Hardwood utensil range. Perfect for stir-frying, the chamfered edge lets you get right to the bottom of the...
Red Hardwood Salad Hands - Red Hardwood
Salad hands are so-called because they replicate a pair of hands in the way that they let you get into a salad and really mix it - getting all the leaves evenly coated with dressing and all those tasty ingredients...
Red Hardwood Pâté Spreader - Red Hardwood
These handy little wooden spreaders made from Red Hardwood are perfect for butter, pate, soft cheese, peanut butter or just about anything that you want to put on a piece of toast or a cracker. They are also great for...
Red Hardwood Salad Servers - Red Hardwood
The simple, classic design of these salad servers make them an attractive and practical utensil. The rich colour of the Red Hardwood gives them strong visual appeal and adds to the presentation of all types of salad, suiting all salad...
Red Hardwood Pizza Slice - Red Hardwood
Made from durable red hardwood, either Ironbark or Redgum depending on availability, the Pizza Slice is well designed for its job with the angled handle and chamfered edges making a utensil that slides easily under a slice of cake or...
Red Hardwood Utensil Holder - Red Hardwood
Made from an Australian red hardwood which may be Redgum, Bluegum, Ironbark or any of our renowned red hardwoods, the utensil holder is a great kitchen accessory. Weighty and sturdy it looks great sitting on the kitchen bench or beside...
Red Hardwood All-purpose Spoon - Red Hardwood
This all purpose wooden spoon is multi functional; you can stir, flip and with that clever corner you can get right into the inner edges of your pot where things are inclined to stick. It is made from virtually indestructible...
These utensils are made from Australian red hardwood which may be Redgum, Bluegum, Ironbark or any of our renowned red hardwoods.
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