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Banksia Nut Tea Lite Candle Holder - Banksia
Hand turned from the seed pod of the Banksia Grandis tree of Western Australia, this Tea Lite candle holder displays the wonderful texture and patterning achieved when the Banksia Nuts are turned on a lathe and the rough outside removed....
Banksia Scent Pot and Fragrant Oil - Banksia
The idea behind these charming and so Australian scent pots rests upon the unique qualities of the Banksia Grandis seed pod. The decorative pattern of holes that you see when these pods have been turned on a lathe to remove...
No Worries Double Strand Keyrings
The important thing here is that no two keyrings are the same or repeatable - they are made from whatever combination of native timbers are at hand, depending on the season, and that makes a pleasing combination of textures, colours...
Swimming Redgum Fish
As a piece of fine woodworking in both design and execution these 'swimming' fish are state of the art, with people commonly gasping and dropping them after picking one up, so lifelike are they in their movement. The whole fish...
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Ancient Redgum Streamline Pen
Fine and lightweight for keeping in your bag or shirt pocket, the Ancient Redgum Streamline Pen is an excellent gift for a busy, on the go person and the perfect choice for a pen that has to go with you...
No Worries Single Strand Keyrings
The No Worries Single Strand Keyring is altogether lighter, finer and more pocket friendly than the robust double strander but just as pleasing. The important thing here is that no two keyrings are the same or repeatable - they are...
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