Mullumbimby Medium Kitchen Board

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The Mullumbimby Medium Kitchen Board is a great all rounder in the kitchen. Made from kiln dried Camphor Laurel with moisture content taken down to 4%, this board will never warp or twist. Ask any chef, a board that stays flat and steady on your bench top is a lovely thing. Camphor Laurel with its much lauded anti-bacterial properties is the perfect food preparation material and usually features beautiful patterning and grain as a bonus, plus you are helping the environment as the timber is sourced from various eradication programs on the NSW north coast.


Height 1.5cm x Width 25cm x Length 33cm

*Note: This cutting board is handcrafted; the above dimensions and weight are approximate measurements only. For more information please see our Australian handmade quality guarantee.

Mullumbimby Medium Kitchen Board has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 7 reviews.