Antipasto & Toaster Tongs - Jarrah
Slim, springy and machined to precision edges that can peel off a slice of salami with ease, these tongs are THE utensil to accompany an antipasto platter where they will add a touch of elegant simplicity. They will likely be...
Red Hardwood Kitchen Tongs - Red Ironbark
The tongs are made from durable Ironbark and stainless steel. They make excellent vegetable or salad servers and are perfect for use with non-stick cookware. Care instructions for maintaining their appearance are provided. MEASUREMENTS Dimensions*: Length 22cm Weight*: 0.11kg *Note:...
Red Hardwood Long Wooden Tongs - Red Hardwood
These tongs along with the shorter version are one of our all-time best selling items because they are both useful and attractive. Resting among a bowl of salad greens the deep red tones of the wood make a pleasing contrast...

Hand-made wooden tongs for all purposes, salad tongs, toaster tongs, and cooking tongs all hand-crafted in Australian timbers.

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