Wall Mounted Magnetic Key Holder

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The Wall Mounted Magnetic Key Holder is an ingenious piece of design and use of technology with the aim of stopping you losing your keys in as attractive a manner as possible. The key holders are set up for wall mounting and come with the right size plugs and screws included. Ideally, they should be mounted somewhere handy so that when you walk in with your keys in hand you simply place the keys next to one of the magnets and bingo, there they are, held firmly and safely in place for when you next need them. The rare earth magnets are amazingly powerful and can hold  a large bulky set of keys, even the big, push button car keys.
Lastly, the Magnetic Key Holder is a very attractive object - made from rich red Jarrah and contrasting strips of Sheoak or Marri with the natural edges of the timber left on to give interest and texture. Your different household keys hang securely and seperately and you always know where they are.


Height 22.5cm x Width 3.25cm x Length 30.25cm

*Note: This Wall Mounted Magnetic Wooden Key Holder handcrafted, and as every peice of wood is unique no two wooden key holders are exactly the same; the above dimensions and weight are approximate measurements only. For more information, and our guarantee please click here.