Fairy Wren Marquetry Artwork

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The little Fairy Wren is one of Australia's most beloved birds and if you have a pair hopping around your garden you will understand why. This artwork has been created by Max Clerteau using the techniques of Marquetry, which is the craft of creating a design or image using precision-cut pieces of wood laid onto a base. The artist cuts each small piece of wood by hand, choosing different grains and colours, then glues them into place following his design. Because marquetry is done by hand, patience and precision are required – a single picture can take many hours to complete using fret saws, scroll saws and scalpels to achieve the shapes needed. This piece utilises both natural and dyed timbers with fine details in the image itself and in the frame corners. The large background timber is Camphor Laurel, the hill is Sycamore with an outer border of Golden Sassafras. Professionally framed and supplied ready to hang, this enchanting work will bring a breath nature to any room. and makes an excellent gift for bird lovers.

Max studied marquetry in France where this craft and the guilds who teach it date back many centuries. This work is signed and dated by the artist.


Height 29.5cm x Width 24cm x Depth 2cm