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Kitchenware is the category of home and hearth, reflecting the importance of the kitchen as a focal point of the house where people meet and interact, where they cook and talk and eat. We feel it is important that the utensils and products that you use every day should be user-friendly, beautiful to look at and durable so our range of hand-made wooden kitchenware is designed and made with these principles in mind.

Crafted from a wide range of our beautiful native hardwoods and decorative timbers such as Sassafras, Jarrah, Redgum and Huon Pine to name a few, our kitchenware is made to last, not to end up in a landfill. Whether you are reaching for a rolling pin, a chopping board, a wooden spoon or a sturdy pepper mill, your fingers will love the warm, tactile quality of timber while your eyes will love its colour and grain.

Made only from sustainably sourced timber, our kitchenware range is eco friendly in other ways too. For example, the use of Camphor Laurel for kitchen boards not only produces an excellent antibacterial board for food preparation but assists in eradicating this invasive species from our native forests, plus any product made from wood and made to last is an effective carbon sink. Wood is the perfect material for kitchenware, rich, warm and friendly and at home in any kitchen, traditional or modern.

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